Hotel Hideaway

Hotel Hideaway is a new 17+ social online 3D role playing game owned by Sulake Corporation. It’s a virtual world full of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, much like Habbo!

We want to give you the chance to pick up a couple of exclusive new items both here in Habbo and over in Hotel Hideaway. These four items (two in Habbo, two in Hotel Hideaway) are only obtainable by entering a unique 32 character code into the Hideaway app. You are only given one code per Habbo identity. Once the code is entered in the box located in Hideaway’s Hotel News screen, all of your avatars on both your Hideaway and Habbo identities will receive the two new items.


How to link your Hotel Hideaway account to your Habbo

  1. Copy your unique 32 character code (see below) or scan the QR code using your mobile device.
  2. Download the Hideaway app (see below for links to Hideaway in iTunes and the Google Play Store).
  3. On the Hotel News screen inside the Hideaway app, enter your unique 32 character code into the redeem code box (tap the Hotel News button on the left hand side of the Elevator menu after logging in - the box is located in there). After you’ve redeemed the code successfully, all avatars on both your Hotel Hideaway account and your Habbo account will rewarded with the new exclusive items.

Hotel Hideaway is available on both Android and iOS: